Anna Volpini

Interior Stylist 

Set Dresser 


Do what makes your soul happy
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As a freelance interior stylist, my inspirations derive from an eclectic and industrial style, as well as the scandinavian way of life: a beautiful combination between design, nature, wood, light and industrial.

I am very passionate and put my heart and soul into my work. After over 17 years of experience, I have worked as a freelancer, interior stylist, set designer, set dresser, graphic designer, packaging designer, interior designer, art director, and creative director in advertising agencies, theatre, movie set, retail markets, in house corporate environments, and for small businesses.

My versatile style, combined with my steady knowledge of project management enable me to invest into any interior styling challenge, be it commercial, editorial, advertising or private projects.

My passion and devotion, along with my experience helped me grow and develop into the designer I am today. I have a good vision of what will create the best impression and, on the contrary, what will flop.

Working hard hand in hand with my clients in order to bring to life their needs 

and ideas is what stimulates me the most.